Thomas Blacharz

 Photo : Benoît Lemay

Dance (Lindy Hop, Charleston, blues, tap), scratch

Montpellier, France

Photo : Benoît Lemay

Thomas is a renowned swing dance master and world champion (Lindy Hop, jazz dance). He spent 15 years roaming the world to teach and perform his art at some of the biggest jazz and swing festivals (Montreal Jazz Festival, Tanjazz, Chatel Guyon, Laroquebrou, Hong Kong Fringe Festival, etc.) Thomas is also a multidisciplinary choreographer much appreciated for his ability to adapt, improvise and create, but also for his eclectic musical knowledge, acquired during his tenure as artistic director and DJ at the Apollo Jazz Café in Montpellier, France. Nowadays, Thomas delves deeper into his jazz, funk and hip-hop influences with tap-dancing.

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Théâtre À Tempo’s goal is to create and produce inter-disciplinary shows using RYTHM, MOVEMENT and CLOWNISH PLAY..

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