Our mission

WHY CHOOSE Théâtre À Tempo?

Founded in 2008, Théâtre À Tempo is a non-profit company whose mission is to create and produce multidisciplinary shows. The company’s creations feature circus arts, more specifically clowning, as well as music, movement and body percussion. Théâtre À Tempo collaborates with professional artists and designers to create and produce its shows. It also occasionally offers workshops for schools, community organizations and other artistic companies. Théâtre À tempo’s creations can be presented in different formats, be it in fixed venues, as travelling shows or street entertainment.

Our Essence

The starting point for all our creations is the simple and pure joy of play. A joy that takes us back to the curiosity and innocence of childhood. Our shows feature funny but touching narrative arcs inspired by the vulnerabilities and little mishaps of everyday life, which sometimes transform us into clowns despite ourselves. Like silent films, our creations charm audiences with no need for speech.

Then comes the love of sounds. The ones we create by beating on, plucking and rubbing anything and everything we can find. The ones that breathe new life into old, abandoned objects.

In our shows, music punctuates and plays off the physical theatre of the characters. Performed live, halfway between sound effects and a soundtrack, it supports and carries the characters’ emotions. The exclamations and laughter of the audience complete the score. This spontaneous conversation between artist and audience offers them both something unique and tangible.

Our productions speak to a wide range of audiences, charming children as well as their parents with multi-layered humor.



Olivier Forest

Artistic Director

Benoît Lemay

Technical director

Théâtre À Tempo’s goal is to create and produce inter-disciplinary shows using RYTHM, MOVEMENT and CLOWNISH PLAY..

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236 d'Orléans,
Québec, QC,
G1E 6V5