Érika Hagen-Veilleux

 Photo : Benoît Lemay

Cyr Wheel, hand to hand, violin, voice, dance

Québec, Quebec, Canada

Photo : Benoît Lemay

From 6 to 16, Érika studied classical violin and played at venues such as the Grand Théâtre de Québec and the Palais Montcalm with the OSQ and Les Violons du Roi. She graduated from École de Cirque de Québec in 2017 with a specialization in Cyr Wheel. As a multidisciplinary artist, she performs circus (GOP Variety Theatre, Haut-Vol Productions, etc.) as well as spoken-word poetry (Grand Slam 2016, Intercollegiate poetry marathon 2016), music, dance and theatre (co-founder of BAM[Bouillon d’art multi]).

Part of :

Théâtre À Tempo’s goal is to create and produce inter-disciplinary shows using RYTHM, MOVEMENT and CLOWNISH PLAY..

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236 d'Orléans,
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