Story ofSwing Station

Inspired by the films of Charlie Chaplin, the Théâtre À Tempo team started out by shooting a silent movie that looks like something straight out of the Roaring Twenties. The show begins with a screening of the movie, accompanied by live musicians, just like in an old-time 1920s-era theater. But the on-screen characters quickly come to life on stage, continuing the story of the movie off screen.

Created by Geneviève Kerouac, choreographer, swing dance world champion and circus artist, this multidisciplinary show spotlights clowning, music, cinema and of course, swing dancing in many forms. The audience follows the surprising journey of the main character, a musician living in a train station, caught between his desire for adventure and his fear of the unknown.



Team :


Thanks to everyone who helped and contributed to making this show a success!

Théâtre À Tempo’s goal is to create and produce inter-disciplinary shows using RYTHM, MOVEMENT and CLOWNISH PLAY..

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